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26th May 2016

What to expect at Burger Priest, Wolverhampton


Businessman Scott Murray, owner of Bar Sport in Cannock, has started his own franchise using the name ‘Burger Priest.’

Mr Murray trademarked the name two years ago, hence the ‘established 2014’ name next to the company’s logo.

It’s located on Victoria Street, opposite Beatties. The site used to be a Pizza Hut and has laid dormant for a year, having last operated as a Paper Duck chinese restaurant.

It was inspired by Mr Murray’s holidays to the United States and Canada, both nations of burger lovers. There’s also a French-Canadian influence. All food is cooked in an open-plan kitchen.

Burgers prices range from £5.75 to £12.45, the latter for the ‘real surf’n’turf,’ which contains 6oz patties with real lobster tail pieces and their own seafood sauce.

The gargantuan ‘David v Goliath’ is £9.95, with quadrupole 30z patties along with cheese, onions and peppers. There’s a vegan option, with a gluten free sweetcorn and chickpea pattie.

The kids menu offers two options, either a burger or a cheeseburger with the latter 50p more expensive at £4.75. All are served in a brioche bun. Chicken burgers are to come soon.

‘Poutine’ is also on offer, a Canadian dish made with french fries and cheese curds topped with a light brown gravy. The classic, salted beef and ultimate options range from £3.45 to £4.95.Sides include ultimate or sweet potato fries, onion rings, BBQ beans and mac’n’cheese. All are £1.99 for a regular portion or £2.75 large. A green salad is £2.75.

The ideal accompaniment is one of the ‘real’ shakes, made with ‘cow to cone in a day’ Marshfield ice cream. There are eight options, all at £3.95. A kids version is £2.95.

You can also opt to try the ice cream on it’s own in sizes of either one scoop (£1.99), two (£2.75) or three (£3.50).  

Soft drinks are bottomless if fizzy, at £1.95. Frobishers Pure Juice is £2.95. Alcohol is also on sale. A choice of four craft beers, fairtrade wines and prosecco can be bought at the counter.

Five things to expect at Burger Priest: -

1, The patties are 100 per cent Aberdeen Angus beef.

2, They are never frozen and always fresh.

3, They are gluten and hormone free.

4, There’s no additives or preservatives.

5, The meat is from fully traceable red cattle.

By Craig Birch

Native Monster